Fortis Software was recently named one of the fastest-growing, privately held companies in Tampa Bay for 2009 by the Tampa Bay Business Journal

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Fortis has combined leadership, industry experience and creativity to help clients realign their technological needs in the ever changing competitive landscape while concentrating on quick and cost effective solutions. With our experience in this fast paced and highly fragmented environment, Fortis has continued to "carve" space through providing our clients the opportunity to give us projects that are just too complex or require too many internal challenges necessary for successful development. We can develop a suite of offerings and build the necessary value propositions paramount for client success.
  • Business Software
    In recent years the software industry has become highly fragmented, with over 600 companies and sub-segments of these companies having to deal with challenges associated with competition, internal struggles, technological changes and economic conditions.

  • Corporations
    With product lifecycle management being a board room topic of discussion and given the harsh realities that I.T. investments must deliver measurable contributions to the bottom line, companies must identify the value of change.

  • Venture Capitalist
    VC's within the information technology space often are faced with very difficult decisions pertaining to the validity of start-up technology. When millions of dollars are on the line, decisions must be made correctly and often times under very tight deadlines.

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